Why Easybensin ?

Sunday, 05 January, 2020

Easybensin is the first Downstream Oil & Gas business that maximizing the digital business model by developing apps & web trading to make fuel transaction which is connected to an economic small-scale asset through IoT.

This will help customers (both individual and industry) to make an order of oil fuel either gasoline/gasoil to refuel the cars or trucks/buses, or gasoil for industry. All these IT systems is an art system that connecting the asset (both fleet and mini depo) and customer which manage by complex backend & ERP system. The AI will allow to calculate and manage the fleet & mini depo to delivered fuel cargo booked by the customers.

The development of Easybensin business has noble value to support the Government Of Indonesia on setting robust supply chain and wholesaler network at economic scale and transparency. It will help the overall improvement process of oil fuel supply & distribution, as duty of care on participation of sustainable development, everybody has the right to access the energy.

Check this out, Easybensin overview...