Warning System

Monday, 29 March, 2021

Perhaps you have ever felt your body feel weak, high body temperature, muscles ache or other unusual symptoms? Yes, that is a sign of the body's warning system, inform you that something wrong is happening. Once respond it promptly, the body will fast recover, otherwise serious treatment may require.

Equipment has warning system as well, it was developed to inform any ongoing non-conformities condition, the purpose is to alert the user to prepare and act to avoid the consequences that will occurs.

Warning System will not be effective unless someone reacts to them. In one condition, people often ignore it which is considered as failure alarm then threated as normal, “seems it is just a failed warning system".

Several accidents caused by ignoring the warning system occurred in the industrial and even in everyday life, where the consequences are not only loss of financial, environment, more than that is fatality.

In daily activities, people often ignoring the early warning sign, even though it is a simple information. Warnings is not always sound an alarm or lamp indicator blinking, when we feel a condition that is not supposed to be, it indicates there is something wrong and needs an attention.

If you are operator of production machines, vehicles, heavy equipment, "breakdown machine" does not necessarily happen without any prior symptoms, e.g.: noise, lack of power engine, increasing fuel consumption.

The problem is, are you willing to act? are you care about "reading the symptom" even with a weak signal?

Do not ignore the early signs, save your live and others by responding it with proper action.

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-Muhamad Mukmin-