Want to be a Paramedic

Tuesday, 15 March, 2022

When do we need Paramedics?


Sometimes in our daily life, it seems that there is no need for paramedics. It is true, all must hope to always get healthy and do not expect to get medical help from paramedics.

However, if the worst happens, then everyone hopes to get the best medical help. Wherever the location is, when medical help is needed, it is hoped that the best paramedics will come.

Why and when paramedics are needed, according to the Indonesian Wikipedia, Paramedics is a profession that provides pre-hospital and emergency medical services. While the science that studies it is called paramedicine. Paramedics use ambulances to carry out their duties to visit accident scenes that require medical assistance for accidents, or another emergency medical/health assistance.

Globally, Paramedics are also known as field medics. Paramedics can come from private or state health/emergency services, Paramedics can come from Fire Department, Ambulance services, Search and Rescue (SAR) teams, military, police, etc.

In Indonesia, paramedics are not yet recognized as a profession and do not yet have a clear definition. Referring to Law No. 36 of 2009 concerning Health.

Seeing the existing field conditions, the need for paramedics is urgent to carry out the first action and stabilization before evacuation to the hospital for further medical treatment.

When viewed in the current situation, the exposures faced by paramedics are:

1.     Doing Help for patients with deadly diseases

2.     Evacuating Covid-19 patients

3.     Evacuating patients who are victims of traffic accidents

In this article, the limitation is on the topic of patients who are victims of traffic accidents.


Worst Scenario of a Traffic Accident


The Australian government made a prototype of a human form that can survive a car accident, which can be read at the following link http://www.meetgraham.com.au/

In the risk management term, the term of worst credible scenario that can occur from a traffic accident is known. Here are 7 of the worst that could happen:

1.     Head Wound

2.     Chest Organ Wounds

3.     Objects piercing the body

4.     Separate limbs

5.     Broken bones

6.     Burns

7.     Exposure to chemical liquids


So diverse users of traffic and in large numbers, then increase the likelihood of the worst credible scenario occurring. Therefore we need the readiness of paramedics with all first aid support at the accident site.

The most plausible worst-case scenarios can be made based on the data, which include:

1.     Number of vehicles passing through the road (with regional boundaries)

2.     Types of vehicles that pass through these roads

3.     Mapping of hazards on the road

4.     Previous accident data

From the data above, it can be processed to determine:

-        What is the worst possible thing that happens in the area

-        Where should first aid be provided including the equipment?

-        How many paramedics are needed if the worst happens

-        What kind of paramedic skills are needed in the area, if the worst traffic accident occurs.


Preparing Paramedics


Considering the above discussion, according to the law, the paramedic profession is as if it were an assistant to pharmacists and midwives. Looking at the exposure of traffic accidents, the need for paramedics is higher than before.

The First Aid Training syllabus is designed for:

1.     Intended in the work area.

2.     Divided into 3 levels.

3.     It is only first aid and does not do any medical treatment at all.

Based on the following link, https://www.registerednursing.org/paramedic/ explains how to become a paramedic. For Indonesia itself, to become a paramedic can be seen at the following link https://worldscholarshipforum.com/id/how-to-become-an-emt/.

In general, paramedics are currently absorbed by companies to meet the requirement of fulfilling Occupational Safety and Health regulation.

Therefore, it is necessary to improve and pay attention to the needs of paramedics in each area, moreover, there are so many new roads and an increasing number of motorized vehicles that exist, so the possibility of accidents is high.