The Readiness Of Medical Personnel To Provide First aid In Traffic Accidents

Wednesday, 16 February, 2022

Present condition


As of today while the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the need for medical personnel to recover and treat Covid-19 patients is very high. Meanwhile, traffic accidents continue to occur with high intensity.

The availability of medical personnel is important. While the hospital was hectic handling the Covid-19 pandemic, the hospital shall respond to an emergency call to help the victims of traffic accidents.

Considering the above situation, it can be predicted that:

1. Availability of paramedics

2. Readiness of paramedics to carry out emergency response

3. Paramedic fitness, between being alert for the Covid-19 pandemic and traffic accidents.


Seeing that the Indonesia covid-19 pandemic has had ups and downs conditions, on the other hand, traffic accidents statistics have claimed the loss of lives is between 6-8 people in a day as nationwide.

Therefore, it is important and needs to be paid attention to monitor and maintain the readiness of paramedics without having to sacrifice the physical fitness of fatigued paramedics while continuing to struggle to handle the covid-19 pandemic.

An interesting article that happened in several countries, how paramedics are physically and mentally exhausted, What It's Like to Be a Paramedic - The Atlantic.


Traffic Accident Emergency Response


WHO through the Decade of Action program, has reviewed that post-traffic accident events are also critical as the first response of life-saving.

Reviewing “Health System and Disaster published by Gadjah Mada University in 2011” and “EMS Emergency Response and Readiness Assessment (EIRRA) published by NASEMSO Highway Mass Casualty Readiness Project between the United States and Mexico governments in 2012”.

As mentioned in the books, it is stated that:

1.     The need for paramedical readiness in number, physically, and life-saving equipment.


2. The need to assess the allocation of traffic accident emergency responders (readiness zone) based on time, road access to the traffic accident scene, and available facilities to conduct life-threatening treatment.

3. It is important for the medical team that carries out the emergency response, to understand the risks at the location, both the risks to paramedics and victims of traffic accidents.


4. Good communication between paramedics and field officers, to determine a good and appropriate way to remove the victims from the vehicle to the safe area.

5. Adequate ambulance that can evacuate to the hospital, do the stabilization and conduct the medical procedure in an ambulance.

6. Accessibility to access the traffic accident scene on time and recover the victims to the capable hospital for life-threatening treatment.


The importance of medical personnel


As of today, for both the covid-19 pandemic and traffic accidents, conducting medical emergencies response is important. Therefore, several critical points need to be focus on:

1. Readiness of medical personnel.

2. Readiness facility.

3. Healthiness of medical personnel.

4. Understanding of traffic accident emergency response.

5. Preparedness for traffic accident emergency response.