Start the car engine……Make your day

Monday, 28 February, 2022

Start your day with a smile


Sometimes, we are rushed by time to get to the office or another activity. Take the car keys, get in the car and start the car. If you start right away, you will smile broadly, it will be a different story if the engine won’t start right away, the steering wheel becomes your stress release, irritated and afraid that won’t reach the destination on time.

Most of us, are provoked with the failure of the engine start impact to the emotions. The stress of being unable to start the engine in the morning will impact the mood for a day. Don’t force it, forcing too much won't turn on the engine.

Sometimes the power of carbohydrates can help to start the engine, how, push the car.

What does it mean?

In case of need, the manual car can be pushed by a human as a force start engine.

Can a keyless car be pushed to start the engine?


The reason the car won't start


Several possibilities cause the engine can't be started, there are at least 5 main causes, namely:

1.     Ignition switch.

2.     Starter motor or dynamo starter.

3.     Alternator

4.     Fuel system or fuel oil system.

5.     Battery.

Detailed explanations, each common problem that occurs in the 5 main causes can be read on the following page https://www.automotiveolympia.com/blog/engine-starting-common-problems.html

The vehicle owner needs to pay attention, there are several problems besides the above 5 things, for example:

1.     Empty of Fuel.

2.     The power cable was broken, possibly bitten by a mouse.

3.     The battery cable is loose.

4.     Spark plug wire lose

5.     Coil wire lose

Some things may be a more technical issue about the battery, electricity, or even problems with the engine itself. At least in this article, we add two links of technical problem that causes the car to not start.

-        https://web.acc.co.id/news/read/penyebab-dan-cara-mengatasi-mobil-tidak-bisa-distarter

-        https://www.erieinsurance.com/blog/7-reasons-car-wont-start

Prevents the car from being difficult to start


Better to prevent rather than to repair. Do not ignore and wait till becoming a big problem that can cause more severe damage and occur when driving on the highway.

The following things need to be considered by the vehicle owner:

1.     Periodically check the condition of the battery

2.     Check the electrical cables

3.     Avoid rats into the engine room

4.     Perform periodic inspections and services

5.     Use clean fuel oil and regular replacement of the fuel filter.

Make sure the car is in good & health every morning, pay attention to all indicators on the car dashboard.

Start the car with a smile and light up the day, no anxiety while driving, and avoid serius engine failure while driving.