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Monday, 15 February, 2021

In the previous post, Easybensin mentioned that customer complaints can be a gift or otherwise a disaster for the company, depending on how to respond with the appropriate solution. In this case it does not mean that a high number of customers complain as a good indication for the company, especially if the same complained reoccurs, it means there is no willingness from the management to make improvements.

Viewed from the positive side, when a customer expressing a complaint it can be interpreted that he/she still wants to keep business with us, with proper handling will change the complaint which means disappointment, into a sincere smile which means satisfaction. Prompt, and appropriate solution to resolve customer complain will increase customer loyalty to company’s services or products.

Bear in mind, when customers allocate funds entrusting your company to fulfill what their needs are, it is not only for the main purposes, but also include other added value components.

For example, when someone has lunch at a restaurant, the cost for lunch is about IDR 30,000 – the price is not only for the food and drink, but there is also an added value component that is included in that price. The simple details are as follows:

• Lunch menu: IDR 15,000

• Drink: IDR 5,000

• Value Added Component: IDR 10,000 (friendly, quick service, a comfortable place, clean, free wi-fi act.)

From all of that, the customer has the right to get quality products and the best services, while as a service and product provider it is the obligation to fulfill it all.

Back to customer complaints, it can be said that the company should be grateful when a customer submits a complaint. What is worrying is that when a customer disappointed but does not say any word to express their complaint, they just leave without a message. This means they have just decided to not continue the business with us. The main reason could be due to the same complaint reoccur and had no improvement at all.

on the other hand, do not be complacent when there are no complaints from customers, so that you might think everything is going well, and customers are well served. Are you sure? It is fitting that a sense of dissatisfaction in serving customers needs to be nurtured to trigger creative ideas so that customers can be better serve, enhance their loyalty to purchase goods and services, this will secure the regular customer from moving to competitors.

There are a lot of competitors out there, and it should not be interpreted narrowly as "the same as our type of business". For example, when someone has a Padang food restaurant, his/her competitors are not only fellow Padang food restaurants, but also include: Warteg, Sundanese cuisine, Soto Betawi, Sate Madura, Wonogiri Chicken Meatballs & Noodles, Ketupat Sayur, Soto Lamongan and so on. Customers have funds, they are free to choose to whom the money will be given.

The challenge is, how to turn complaints into compliments?

The simple concept of "Think Like a Customer", if you were a customer, what would you want?

• Quality of products

• Excellence service, both people and service support systems.

• Agile service, on time as agreed.

• Quick response, empathy.

• reoccur the same issue

• and…

Prompt response is essential in managing customer complaints, do not let the issue dragged on, without any clarity.

In managing of customer complaints, several aspects need to be ensured so that we will be able to undertake effective with proper solution. Optimizing technology as complaint handling system will give significant contributes in its successfully, which includes:

• Communication channels, so that all complaints can be properly handled by appointed division.

• Record all complaints, and close monitored for the progress of the solution

• Service Level Agreement to solve the issue.

• Active communication with customers regarding the progress of their complaints

• Logging of all customer complaints for company learning.

Linkage with diesel fuel,

Some industries cannot be separated with production equipment, heavy equipment, operations as a support for services and goods where the fuel as the blood of the engine operates. Each item is unique in its handling, especially for fuel. Users often encounter problems starting from the ordering process until the fuel is received, stored, and consume.

Easybensin has developed a breakthrough with the Fuel Management System as an on-site fuel management solution and Web Trading as facility for customer to place fuel orders. Beyond that customer will be able to monitor their orders status until it is received at location. Web Trading also facilitating customer to directly communicate with Subject Matter Expert, as we believe that open communication will helping customer to solve the issues and enhance their productivity.

Competition is getting Tighter, "Increase Company Competitiveness With the proper Fuel Management"

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