Low Sulphur for Better Environment

Wednesday, 03 February, 2021

Diesel Fuel or commonly called Solar, there are hydrocarbon parameter contents where each parameter has an impact on the use and residue of its combustion.


Just mention a few parameters such as: density, cetane number, flash point and others. In this article, will specify the information about Sulphur Content.


Diesel Oil Fuel is one of the products produced from the refining process of crude oil. Sulphur is an element that is contained naturally, in Diesel Fuel the element of sulphur is removed through a de-sulfurization process during the refining process.


The sulphur content is one of the global concerns and especially the Indonesian government,

High sulphur content has a negative impact on the environment and health due to exhaust gas emissions.


Exhaust gas emissions are the residual results of combustion of fuel in the internal combustion engine, external combustion engine, and jet engine that are removed through the engine exhaust system. The remainder of the combustion is in the form of water (H2O), CO gas or also known as toxic carbon monoxide, CO2 or also called carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas, NOx nitrogen oxide compounds, HC in the form of charcoal hydrate compounds because of imperfect combustion processes and loose particles.


Negative impacts on health include triggers of hypertension, causes of eye irritation, decreased brain intelligence, disrupting children's mental development, reducing male reproductive function. As for the environment, one of the impacts is the greenhouse effect.


Not only for the environment and health, but high sulphur levels also affect the engine, such as: engine wear, deposit formation, and vehicles operating with high sulphur producing dioxide and particulate compounds, also reduces the catalytic life of the converter.


In accordance with SK Dirjen Migas No. 28.K / 10 / DJM.T / 2016 concerning Standards and Quality (Specifications) for Diesel Fuel Type 48, the sulphur content is at the maximum limit of 2500ppm.

 which one is your choice, high or low sulphur content?

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