Easy Way

Saturday, 23 November, 2019

Easybensin was established in November 2018 with one focus, providing the easy way to purchase fuel for sustainable development. The development was driven by the fact of how difficult to get better fuel quality at a fair price and it is acceptable for everyone. The 2nd reason that becomes our noble cost is providing accessibility of fuel across Indonesia in acceptable investment value - through small-scale assets. We want to create a new business model in Oil & Gas Downstream sector, “To get the fuel without spending the fuel” we deliver the fuel to our value customers to fuel mobility and productivity.

We do not need the space of land for a pump station; we don’t need a large oil terminal, but we are next door to the industrial estate.

Digital transformation, smart asset, and digital business model are our key critical processes to provide simple core value “Easy to get Fuel” for every customer both individual and industrial. Transparency on fuel price, digital connectivity between asset to provide transparency of fuel monitoring & measurement, including easy payment mechanism through supply chain financing program for easy installment to support productivity.

Easy way to get fuel, the new way to purchase fuel, beyond the fuel, we are supporting our value customer from payment up to fuel management at the site.

The team has collectively experienced in Oil & Gas Industry both Downstream and Upstream and mix experience in the financing sector.

Bring the future today, Digital is not an additional expense, it is an investment to support us in operational excellence within the low cost of OPEX. 

Product Quality is our priority and Safety is our value.

Easybensin ensures that the product delivered to the customer meets product quality. Start strong from the source of fuel, storage management, fuel transfer, loading/unloading. Assuring Product Quality.

The team is competent in technical and operation, from Oil Terminal down onto the Road Tanker.
We are open to have a discussion and support our value customer, to find a fit purpose solution that helps our value customer to manage the fuel at the customer’s fence-line.



Digital in Oil & Gas Industry is not new, now it is a matter of maximizing the benefit of digital for Oil Supply & Distribution.

Digital technology in Oil & Gas industry has brought a significant benefit, reducing the dependency on a human interface to manage the asset. The automation operation control room was introduced in the industry to support remote operations to reduce the numbers of people to operate hazardous operations in hazardous area classification. Hence, it proofs that digital in Oil & Gas Industry is not new, now it is a matter of maximizing the benefit of digital for Oil Supply & Distribution.

In the latest technology, whereas the connectivity can be obtained through the Internet of Things, it allows the asset to become mobile while the monitoring remains conducted in the control room or even mobile device.

When the asset becomes mobile and connecting through IoT, the engineering and operation team shall work hand in hand, to investigate which mechanical devices can be connected digitally and communicate through internet connectivity. In Easybensin lab, it has spent many manhours to investigate, draw board, design, and develop the small asset that can be remotely controlled, monitored, and communicated through IoT. This proof of concept is the show, in the future, people may not need to develop costly fixed asset fuel pump stations.

In Easybensin, the system is connected to all mechanical equipment through the embedded process, replacing costly PLC, and communicate through IoT channels. Equipment operation and functionality will be operated by the AI which has been designed to manage B2C customers and B2B customers. The design between AI and Customer’s interface is thoroughly reviewed, to ensure that the information exchange between customer and Easybensin system is flawless, most importantly is easy for the customer to make a purchase order and deliver.

The human side shall be considered to plug into the digital process. Yes, it is reducing the complexity of human interface with equipment, however, it may impact and increase the complexity of humans operate digitally.

In this day, digital technology has evolved in speed, for everyone remembers back in 2005 the first flash-disk still in MB, within 14 years after, it has gone into GB. The IoT in 2019, at this moment connecting the mechanical with digital and within the control of the customer’s hand. In the next 10 years in 2029, energy is becoming a priceless commodity that should be easily accessible and available for future sustainable development. Everyone must continue to innovate in digital.