Don't underestimate if your vehicle's lamp is cracked

Monday, 14 February, 2022

Lighting Needs while driving


During the rainy season like today, lighting while driving a car or riding a motorbike is very important.

Cracked lampshades, either longitudinal cracks or hairline cracks, can cause the lamplight to fade in other words it seems as if it is dim. If it breaks, it will be even more dangerous, because the driver or motorist will get the light out of focus and water can introduce into the lamp shell.


Things that are dangerous and harmful


Therefore, appropriate lighting becomes important in the rainy season or at night.

Here are some disadvantages as a result of cracked or broken lamp shells, https://muh-amin.com/jangan-sepelekan-batok-lampu-kendaraan-anda-retak/ . In the article shared by muh-amin.com, it was stated that the maintenance of motorized vehicles, both cars, and motorbikes, is the most important thing to do so that the functions of the vehicle can run normally. However, sometimes many motorized vehicle owners pay less attention to the maintenance and will only replace it if it really can't function completely.

Technically, such a step is not justified considering that all motor vehicle parts have a different lifetime or age of use, especially if the vehicle is second or used. Well, if it has exceeded the predetermined time limit, the function of the parts has decreased in terms of function. So if this is not immediately replaced with new parts, it will cause disturbance to the vehicle. To find out the lifetime of all motor vehicle parts, you can use the motor vehicle maintenance and repair manual.

It also endangers the driver and other motorists, because it will be difficult to recognize, see, and measure the distance of the vehicle from another vehicle.

1. When it rains, the lights become important to know the presence of the vehicle in front of other vehicles to know the whereabouts of our vehicle.

2. The scattered light cannot help the driver to know the condition of the road ahead.

3. The condition of the lamp is cracked or broken, in the rainy season, there is a risk of getting rainwater in, making the lamp filled with water and at risk of a short circuit due to water.


Repair It

Don't let the condition drag on, then take maintenance actions according to your vehicle's instructions. Because this can endanger your safety as a driver and other motorists.